All in all…

The SCVNGR project was something that came together to quick and didn’t have a chance to reveal the potential it could have produced. I am not speaking negative regarding this project, I just feel as if this project could have seen more success if it were maintained longer. It is hard for anything as large as SCVNGR to come about in such a small period of time. This project essentially was to help small businesses, I get that, but what I don’t get is how we really helped them. Going back and checking in on businesses, I don’t really see a drastic increase in foot traffic. My observations were skewed due to black Friday shopping and small business appreciation day, where businesses saw a large percentage of customers that day.

Matt Livengood, manager at the Book Exchange, said, “In due time this will be big but until now all we have to do is wait.”

With working with these various organizations such as, ITGA, WVU, and SCVNGR it allowed to me potentially create a network for my future. Working with a brand that is well recognized could boost me in the right direction for a job when I graduate. Even working and building relationships with these businesses could potentially land me a letter of recommendation.

Tom  Licciardi, owner of Joyce’s Jewelry Boutique said, “Anytime you need assistance on anything, come back, I would be glad to help you.”

He was very satisfied with the level of professionalism I maintained throughout the various meetings. It means a lot that he would go out of his way to say that, especially for just meeting me a couple of weeks ago.

One of the biggest things that I learned from SCVNGR was give yourself time. Time is your best friend when you are working for a client and the more you waste it the harder it is to get it back. Working with a group who has other priorities is hard to work with. Working on a project, everyone needs to give 100% regardless of what else is going on because other people have things going on. It is not fair to wait till the last minute to do things when other members want to get stuff done.

The last thing I learned from this project is to kill them with kindness, you never know how far that will go. It could be the potential deal breaker if you are kind to them right off the bat.


Another let down…

For a service-learning project, this project has taught me not to deal with small businesses. With the businesses that I have dealt with, it has been nothing but a headache. Small businesses in Morgantown do not like change it seems. It is unfortunate for them because they are missing out on something big. It is hard to sell a product when you constantly get rejected and you are the only one doing it. After awhile you walk into a meeting with a feeling of defeat before you walk into the doors. I have been hanged up on numerous times, laughed at, yelled at, etc. I have been rushed on the phone to flat out saying ‘we want nothing to do with you and your project’. After putting time and effort into this project, hearing those words are hurtful and very disrespectful.

This project has only discouraged me from working on any projects with a group. It is a shame that this had to come out this way. As far as the other groups successes with this project, I can guess the same outcomes. Like I said before, this project would have seen more success if we did this for the full year or if there were more people assigned to a group. It is hard to coordinate everyone’s schedule for a meeting because people have lives outside of the classroom. I feel as if we are letting SCVNGR down as a class because we cannot dedicate the time and effort, as expected, on this project.

The community has gone unchanged as a result of this project. Not many businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity and it, in return, makes the university look bad. After investing the time and money to bring such a great opportunity for students, it has turned for the worst. Teachers and students were expecting great things and in reality it has only come up with despair. I feel like I let everyone down because they were all counting on me (us).

It seems like people want nothing to do with anything to help their business. The owners might think, well we have has success without them, why do we need to do this now. Even after explaining to them that it is free and we will do all the work, they are still reluctant to take part in this. Things took place way to fast and Morgantown moves at a slower beat compared to most places. For this town to see success this fast is anything but a crazy thought. Why would this project be any different?


Is SCVNGR good for Morgantown?

Morgantown is considered a small business paradise. According to CNN, in 2009 it was ranked 7th among small metro areas. The demographics for this area vary with a mix of different people from all over the nation. Morgantown is not just a residential area but also home to more than 30,000 students who attend WVU. One of the striking numbers is the percent of people who have a bachelor’s degree. Over 37% of the residents have a bachelor’s degree which means Morgantown is an educated small metro area compared to 23%, which is the average. Income is about equal with the average ranging at about $31,000 and has seen an increase in income growth of about 26% from 2002-2007.

ITGA has been involved with a bunch of different universities through different clean up projects to try and create a positive living environment for all. Our project is something that ITGA has not really seen. We are trying to introduce a town to something that is new. It helps that Morgantown is primarily a college campus which means that a good number of the people who inhabit the area are within the younger age range.

The statistics are in favor for SCVNGR to be really positive for Morgantown. However, what statistics do not tell a person is how these businesses go about their duties.

After working with the project and the response that we have seen from various businesses, it does not seem very promising. It is hard to keep something when a lot of companies are hesitant to sign up. I have had a lot of difficulties signing up businesses. No matter how much I press it and try and sell the product, businesses do not want to do it. I have noticed that many of the retail businesses who do not necessarily need college students will not comply with this new product. They do not like change and it is unfortunate for them because it will help them but they will not even try.

Alex Abernathy works at the Domain and only being in Morgantown for a couple of months, he sees SCVNGR as something that will not catch on.

“It would be something else if this were in a town that had more to offer students. From what I see, I don’t know if it will help the Morgantown community, it will just go back to where it was when it is all over.”

If this project were to continue for a least a year, the possibilities of maintaining SCVNGR in Morgantown could be possible. Only being able to work with clients on a personal level is hard to maintain in just a short period. If we were responsible for less clients in this short of time, the quality of the project would have a greater impact on Morgantown. I feel like Morgantown is being cheated out on this great opportunity because the process is being rushed. Usually good things do not happen over night, it takes time.


SCVNGR is coming to you

Source: KELT Co. PR

October 25, 2011 2:00 p.m.

SCVNGR is coming to you

News Facts

  • SCVNGR is a geo-location application for mobile phones
  • Started in 2008 at a Princeton Business Launch Convention
  • Very popular at new student orientations for colleges
  • In cities, they are used to promote businesses and direct tourists to specific cites.
  • Students at West Virginia University are bringing SCVNGR to Morgantown, West Virginia.
  • It is FREE
  • Very easy to use
  • Uses challenges and treks to compete for various rewards


  •  “He saw that the college-age demographic were early adopters of mobile technology in the first place, and wanted to get them using their cellphones to explore their cities.”

—Christina Dorobek, SCVNGR University Specialist via Mashable.com

  • “I hear about SCVNGR online but I have not seen anything published. It will be nice to see it gain popularity in Morgantown.”

—Heather Blasingame


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We want you!


SCVNGR is based in different rewards and challenges for both businesses and customers. Shoppers enjoy the various challenges created by the program because it makes shopping fun. But how can we make shopping fun for college students with something that isn’t really too popular. It’s all about aiding to the students and catering to the needs and wants for them but keeping the best interest of the business. Creating rewards, the main objective is creating fun and exciting tasks that are easy and challenging at the same time.


Because this program is so new for Morgantown, advertising this application is essential for success. Our plan is to attract people in the Mountainlair and from there poll students on their favorite places to go in Morgantown. We will show them how to download the application and give them a brief tutorial on how to use it.


For our purposes we want to create something that SCVNGR has not used. In the past they have met the needs for orientations at various universities and catered to different cities to create scavenger hunts. We want to offer something with our rewards that makes customers want to come back and compete for more.


We want to create rewards and challenges based in needs and wants. My group is very active with students on campus and has access to various groups. We have the “ins” with different personalities and can create rewards and challenges based on a wide variety of people. We have the upper edge compared to some groups who may only know a small number of people.


The goal we hope that our clients will learn with their customers is their creativity. We want to bring in a new crowd that they have never seen. WVU has a large array of students on campus. They come from everywhere and have different backgrounds. You see people walking around High Street from all walks of life.


Our biggest reward is going to be marking down prices. Since we are college kids, money is hard to come by, especially at the end of the semester. The nation is in a recession and college kids are the first to tell you that times are definitely tough. We want try and help out the average college student who is struggling to make ends meet and just wants something little to look forward to.


ITGA and our progress so far

Last week we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us about International Town Gown Association. It is interesting to think there is an organization out there that cares so much about the relationship amongst the town itself and the students who occupy it. It is good to know there are people out there who care about improving relations between the two. To some people who are residents in a college town see students are rude and disrespectful towards the community they are living in for 9 out of the 12 months in a year. ITGA is located within different college communities. Clemson University was the first that presented issues amongst the two groups of people and today, they have a great relationship between the two. To see how you can get involved with ITGA visit, http://www.itgaonline.org/

Some of the projects that they have already tackled is “Sunnyside Up”. It is essentially a program to get rid of the bad image students who live in Sunnyside have left. Some of the more recent project have been trying to repaint all the dumpster, repave the sidewalks and putting more light on the streets. For more information regarding “Sunnyside Up” visit, http://sunnysideupwv.org/

The way we are going to tie the SCVNGR project together with ITGA is by connecting students to the town they live in. We are going to show them that there is more to Morgantown than the parties on Grant Street and going to Wal-Mart late at night. Our partnership with local retail businesses is the key to tying the students of Morgantown to Morgantown as a whole.

SCVNGR recently signed a new business player last week. They welcomed GameStop to the world of SCVNGR and have teamed up with them and hope to have a lot of success with one of the largest retail store for buying and selling video games for all systems. To read more about their expansion head over to http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/12/scvngr-launches-business-profiles-scores-deal-with-gamestop/ to read more about it

This past week my group and I have spoken to a couple of businesses. It is hard to get everyone together only because we are all on hectic schedules. Yesterday in particular, we stopped in at Ashebrooke Liquor Outlet to talk to the owner. He was hesitant at first to commit to anything, only because he did not need the extra publicity and hassle of getting all his employees up to par on the application. However, after stressing that it was for a class project and a grade, he became a little more open to the idea. A follow up call will take place in the next couple of days and hopefully we secure our first client.

We plan on making a video for our SCVNGR campaign that hopefully will air on the TV’s in the lair for all the students to see. More information on that is to follow. Keep checking back for updates.

We setup a twitter page so make sure you are following our class’s progress throughout this semester for updates on the project. Follow us at http://twitter.com/pr324_WVU

I look forward with working with ITGA for the next couple of weeks. I believe we are going to do some good work for ITGA trying to promote SCVNGR.


College Game Day

With College Game Day right around the corner, students are WVU are getting excited. What a great opportunity for the students, the athletics, and the city of Morgantown. Something a lot of students cannot say they have had the opportunity to do is see two college game days.

I need some good sign ideas for Saturday

Maybe I will include this in it….